I’m afraid I’ve been watching too much forensics. I religiously follow CSI: Las Vegas and I’m currently stuck with Criminal Minds.

Two months ago, I started watching Dexter. Recurring nightmares then started after I finished Season 1. For those who are not familiar with Dexter, it’s actually a tv series regarding a serial killer who works for the Miami Police District as a blood splatter analyst. Dexter Morgan, a sociopath has this gruesome passion for killing people who deserve it (vigilante style killing). He fakes his emotions and even dates Rita as a facade of normalcy.

Season 1 focuses more on the Ice Truck Killer whose victims were amputated and blood then drained. Dexter was quite envious of the Ice Truck Killer because of his ability to perfect the crime. The serial killer then communicated with Dexter in forms of gifts and puzzles, oftentimes connected with Dexter’s past. During the entire season, Dexter kept on seeing flashbacks of a child crying and soaked in a pool of blood. He cannot remember that incident but he just kept on seeing that image.

At the end of the season, Dexter knew that the killer’s next victim was Debra, his foster sister. He went into a familiar house and then he remembered everything. The little boy who kept on crying and soaked on blood was him when he was still a little kid — when his family was murdered. He remembered he had a brother. But it was only him who was adopted, his brother taken somewhere else. Biggest revelation? The Ice Truck Killer was his brother.

The most devastating part of Season 1 was when he killed his own brother, the ice truck killer. Dexter killed his brother the way the Ice Truck Killer killed his victims — a slash on the neck, blood drained and body chopped into pieces.

Yikes! I never finished Season 2. I hate nightmares!

Two months had passed but I still dream of Dexter.