One of my favorite pastimes on weekends is to “tambay” in NBS. I can’t control my urges whenever I get my hands on books. Guilty pleasures, I call it.

I was actually looking for the book, “The 500 People You Meet in Hell” when an orange book from an obscure area caught my eye. Hmmm, RJ Ledesma — I have never heard of him before. Tita Jas said that he’s that little boy from the soda  commercial back in 80’s. Haha, I’m not that old to even remember!

Oh well, hearing Tessa Arriola’s critique of the man is already a guarantee of my money’s worth.

This guy is very articulate, not to mention the effortless gab he writes which makes his readers laugh out loud. I never thought that a man as smart as him could be a manservant for the one who has his heart (Arrrgghh! I’m jealous!) and would do whatever his yaya tells him to do. He exaggerates stories but I don’t find him corny in any way.

I hope he wouldn’t mind if I post this part that really really really made my tummy cramp. Boy! I thought I’d die laughing! This is by Tim Tayag.

If (the girl) emits a high-pitched, song-like laugh like “Ahihihihihi” after you crack a joke, it means, “The only chance you’ll get to sleep with me is when we have paid the national debt.”

If she emits a nasal and snort-like laugh like “Hyuck hyuck hyuck” it means, “Oh my God, I am strangely attracted to you even if you resemble a body part that is best hidden from public view, but I’m not ready to sleep with you.”

If she emits an unmelodic and grunt-like laugh that sounds like she is choking on her own saliva: “Ahug ahug ngef gaak” it means, “I am soooo going to make your eyes pop out of your head tonight… TWICE.”

Surely, RJ doesn’t need a cartoon to tell his story. And of course, what more can I say about his theories about love god-knows-where he got them! LOL