It was around 4am when I got off from a flight from Atlanta, Georgia.   Most passengers probably went straight to their connecting flights because apparently, I was the only one left wandering around the area where the Immigration was.

Out of curiosity, I asked the immigration officer what it takes for a Philippine passport holder to get a tourist visa to South Korea.  I mentioned that I was on a 16-hour layover in Incheon, showed her my boarding passes to Cebu, and I thought I should try kimchi and bibimbap because my friends rave about how good they are.  The immigration officer laughed at that.  Then, she stamped my passport. @_@

Incheon offers transit tours for free and you’ll find them quiet easily around Incheon airport.  Since the transit tours usually start at 9am, I didn’t wait for the tour group because I thought of having my breakfast downtown.


I had some of my dollars exchanged to Korean Won (Currency Exchange available at the Arrival and Departure areas).  I left my carry-on baggage at  Hanjin Express for 6000won. I only had my camera and some essentials with me.

Next thing I knew, I was on a train to Seoul, Korea.

I was on a “private” trip to Seoul. ^_^

(It takes around 1 hour to get to Seoul from Incheon)

I was hoping to have an authentic Korean breakfast downtown.  Unfortunately, I only found Lotteria (fastfood) which seemed to be the only one open that time.  It’s like McDonald’s with its yellow and red colors.  I had no idea what were on the menu.


Notice how “notorious” they are when it comes to smartphones.  Hands down to their internet service: wifi seems to be available everywhere with pretty fast speed, too.

#Tobehonest, I struggled with directions in Seoul.  It was just so hard getting to places!  There was nobody who spoke English and their signs were mostly in Korean characters.

This app saved my day.  If you plan on wandering around Seoul, my advice is for you to download an offline map.  I bought City Maps 2 Go on Itunes for $0.99.  It’s all worth it. Everything is 100% offline, no internet required.

And then my day started…

(This is probably the only picture of me in Seoul.)


Stay tuned for more.