I have always enjoyed travel blogs and I am already dreaming about my future travels.  It just feels relaxing and heavenly.  Since I’m out of anything to write about,  I thought I’d share with you my travel edition of What’s In My Bag.

I’ve been planning on getting a North Face backpack but my physiotherapist strongly disapproves of it.  I don’t think I’ll ever be able to travel with a backpack.  But anyway, my red 10kg trolley is still in great condition after being dragged to different places for almost 5 years.

Since we’re on this topic of travel, I’ll have to squeeze this in for a little bit.  I have asked this question several times in the past but I got laughs in return every single time.  I never got an answer.  But really, I’m serious.  Does the backpacker term refer strictly to people who travel in backpacks?

Oooppsss, too much blabbering.  Of course, I left out the part where I have to include items like money, passport, maps, comfortable footwear, clothes fit for the season, etc… But anyway, here goes my list.


From left to right:

 • Phone

Ibooks.  Messages.  Calendar. Emails.  Internet. Games.

Eneloop mobile booster 4000mah (wishlist)
Just because… it has the same color as my phone. 🙂  If you’re on the road, you’ll consider this one as your “samaritan”.  I think I’ll like this better than Mili.

Canon d20 (wishlist)
I love the mountains and the water!  Compact + Rugged + Waterproof + Shockproof = perfection.  I originally had my eye on a Go Pro but there are just a lot of accessories you need to buy separately. 😦

Nikon d40 aka Butitoy
Ah, my trusty Butitoy.  My favorite among all my gadgets.  Records my memories.  My travel buddy since 2009 and has not let me down.

• Tamrac Zipshot
Lightweight.  Portable.  Compact. Easy to use.  This is never meant to carry cameras heavier than 3lbs and not the sturdiest one in the market but this meets all my requirements for a tripod.

• Extension wire
Have you ever been to a trip when there was only one available socket? Which one will you prioritize?  All of them are of equal priority, if you ask me, and I hope I’ll never have to be put in a difficult situation ever again when I have to pick one.  I learned my lesson the hard way.

• Walkman
This has been with me since early 2009 and this has never let me down.  You can put pictures, mp3s, videos and even fetches local FM stations.  I know, somehow, that a lot of people will consider this as “extra baggage” but hey, my phone’s battery is inferior to this little one’s battery.  I sometimes use this as memory card during desperate times.

 Clockwise from Top:

My eyes are more sensitive to sunlight when I’m wearing contact lenses. Or is it just me?  Also used to hide heavy eyebags. 🙂

• Water Shoes (wishlist) – Beach only
Because coral cuts are the most painful to endure.  Vibrams here are so expensive, very limited colors and sizing.  If there is anything cheaper than Zemgear, I’d get it.

• Pashmina / Scarf.
Multipurpose.  Can be used on either hot or cold temperature. Or can simply be used as cushion during naps.

• Snorkel Set (wishlist) – Beach only
Just because I can breathe while my face is submerged in water. 🙂  Kidding, just because I can’t open my eyes  underwater while wearing contacts.  😦  Fish are friends, too.


Clockwise from Top Left:

1.) Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Spf 50. I love Neutrogena products.  Sunblock for face if you intend to stay long under the sun.  I use spf35 during regular days.

2.) In2It Long Wearing Eyebrow Liner.  I wasn’t born with a gift of thick and no-need-to-groom eyebrows.  😦  I can’t comprehend why some women love super thin eyebrows aka “kilay 2000.

3.) Mary Kay Concealer.  Coz one has to hide blemishes, agree?

4.) VS Beauty Rush Lip Gloss.  Longlasting. Most reliable.  I can’t live without it.

3.) Etude Nymph Aura cheek stain.  It’s always on my pouch but I only get to apply it when I get to remember applying it.  I’m not obsessed about cheek stains/blush ons.

4.) Maybelline longwearing lipstick. I am anaemic. My lips are super pale.  My lip gloss doesn’t have tint, only flavor.

5.) Lens Care (multipurpose solution).  I use my glasses when I’m not outside.

6.) Green Cross alcohol.  Self explanatory.

7.) Vitamins/Medicine. Self explanatory.

8.) Wet Wipes.  I love those from Watsons.

9.) Cream Silk Treatment.   I use treatments, not the regular conditioners. (hilas noh?) I use one sachet per wash. Yes, I’m a sucker for hair conditioning products.

10.) Banana Boat SPF 100 (or spf85). The only brand I have come to love.

11.) St. Ives Collagen Elastin facial moisturizer.  Call me crazy but i love to lather my face with this product before hitting the sack.

12.) Revlon Colorstay pressed powder.  Self explanatory.

13.) Maybelline waterproof mascara.  Their volum express line is amazing! Same as my cheek stain, I only get to use this when I remember applying this.  And I don’t understand why women have to apply mascara when they’re about to hit the beach or the pool.  Or any makeup for that matter.

14.) Neutrogena body oil.


Please take note that all the items above are my tried-and-tested favorite products.  My wishlist items are those I came up with after extensive research that would potentially meet my requirements for certain products.

I’d love to read about yours, too! See you on the road? 😀