If you’re in Cebu and looking for some cheap thrills, you shouldn’t miss Kasadya sa SRP (South Road Project).  It is located in the SRP Sugbu vicinity.  No jeepneys are allowed along SRP but you can take a cab going there.

Do not expect fancy rides like the ones you see in Ocean Park or Six Flags.  Their rides range from Php15 – Php50.

I remember the ferris wheel ride being leisurely and slow from childhood.  Our first ride was the ferris wheel (left).  This one made us shiver.  It was fast and oh-my-the-squeaking-sound-from-the-steel!  I closed my eyes the entire time and sweated like crazy. 

I wanted to see how the entire “perya” looked like from above but I just couldn’t open my eyes because I was too frightened.   I took pictures with my d40 as if it was a point and shoot camera.  I just took it from my bag and started clicking.

View from Above 1

But I couldn’t stop laughing when we finally took off from the ride.  It was scary but still fun.  I even want to do it again.

I forgot the other rides we tried but their Horror ride (Php15) sucked big time. LOL.

View from Above 2

I call this the “Jollibee ride”.  I’m pretty sure the kids will enjoy this.

This ride I didn’t want to try.  I’ve tried this in Hong Kong and I was screaming because it frightened me.  It’s like being thrown in the air.

I saw a couple of those who tried this ride puked in the middle of their ride. LOL

You’ll also find other games like shooting little soldiers or making bets.  I don’t know what they’re called. 🙂

They also have barbecue and other street food (like Larsian), ukay ukay and other stalls near the entrance.

Please take note that the descriptions above are from somebody who has fear of Heights combined with speed.  Anything high and fast makes my blood pressure spike.

The Kasadya sa SRP officially opened last December 7 and will end on February 24.  It’s open every day from 6PM to 12MN until January 20.  From January 21 – February 24, it will only be open on Fridays and Saturdays.