I know that by putting this out here, I am subject to all forms of mockery.  But he who hasn’t sinned cast the first stone, right?

Lately, I do not take the “fat” comments lightly.  I currently have issues (I don’t think all of you can relate to) that may have contributed to my weight gain but I have to admit that we live in a world where people are unforgiving when it comes to weight gain.

My BMI is normal but I am currently 13 lbs overweight.

Per my physiotherapist,  I have to rest till March this year but I don’t think that can wait any longer.  I grew up playing sports and active and I feel that I’ve been dormant for the longest time.  Nonetheless, I’m taking all the necessary precautions.

It’s hard going back to square one but that’s just how it’s going to be.  I was running 15KM before I stopped running last September.  I just signed up for Runkeeper‘s “Beginner Half Marathon to finish” Training Plan.  If I stick to this plan, I should be able to finish my half marathon by end of April.   They have a lot of training plans for your perusal.

I also use the iphone app, “Fitness Pal“, to track my daily calorie intake.  I’ve had it before and I did lose weight.  I’m back to using it again.  Commitment.

I got robbed last September.  My Nike Free Run shoes, running shorts, Nathan hydration belt were taken.  I bought another Nike Free Run shoes but that pair is .5 short of my perfect fit so I got a new one.

I’m starting to get into the “minimalist” type of running.  I originally wanted Skecher’s Go Bionic shoes because I so love the designs and colors but they did not have it here last December so I got myself a New Balance Minimus shoes instead.  (I don’t like shoes with colors other than black, gray and brown but most of the pairs I tried did not stock shoes my size.  Thus, the turquoise color. *sigh*)

With my new pair of NB Minimus shoes, I had to try on different types of socks.   I tried the no-show socks but they left me with wounds on the sides.  *ouch*.  So far, I’m liking my thin Puma socks that are up to my ankles.

The materials of the NB Minimus are too thin that my socks get dirty when they get a little wet.  But that’s what you get when you decide to run almost-barefoot.


I could bitch about a lot of things here pertaining to my apprehensions to weight loss but that’s not the point here.

The man I ran with during my first 10KM run last January 2012 told me, “Bahalag hinay, basta kanunay“.  It doesn’t matter how slow you run as long as you do it often.  He lost around 40km :).

It would also help a lot if your peers have the same goals as yours.  But then again, it’s all about commitment and it’s hard – easier said than done.

Still, I’m crossing fingers and I’m looking forward to hitting my target weight.

Afterall, the only gain without pain is weight gain.