Hello, I am back!

After years of planning to have dinner at Tides, Shangri-la Mactan, it finally got realized.

We took their coaster service from SM Cebu to Shangri-la Mactan. It’s Php100 per person (one way) and you pay at the customer service station upon arrival. All other coasters from other hotels park outside SM Northwing just near Gerry’s Grill.  Taxi fare from SM to Shangri-la and VV will be around Php 230-250 depending on traffic.

Here’s their schedule as of December 30, 2012:


We arrived earlier than we had originally planned so we had plenty of time to take pictures and feel the sand beneath our feet.  Such an amazing feeling!  But still, it would have been better if we had arrived around 2PM when the sky’s still blue.  A picture of their gazebo could have been perfect with the blue contrast.

The Tides Entrance

Heavenly dessert station

More of the heavenly sight

Anywhere I go, I always “raid” the Japanese Cuisine station first despite serious disobedience from the “Sushi Commandment”, which states that one should avoid indulgence of all-you-can-eat sushi/salmon/tuna/etc at all cost. I understand the rationale behind the “Sushi Commandment” but hey, I do it all for the love of Japanese food :D.

And no, I don’t like wasabi. The gari does magic in its own little way.

And obviously, I can’t get enough of these wonders so I got back for more.

So far, all the other buffets I’ve been to do not serve Thai/Indian food. Here, they serve amazing curry! Best prawn curry ever! I don’t know where I could get this elsewhere.  If you like Biryani, they have that, too.

Complimentary coffee.  Tea is another option but I don’t know which tea they serve.  Here, I got cappuccino.

View from our table.  Of course, we had to pause in between plates.   I just set up the tripod there and clicked on the shutter button without even looking at the viewfinder lol.

Some of the pictures I took upon arrival.  Lucky I got the chance to take a picture of the pinkish sunset sky.

We stayed around after dinner and took some more pics.  This one is from one of the bars in Shangri-la, Mactan.

Unfortunately, I don’t have decent pictures from the Chi Spa area.  Super lovely!  You should check it out as well.

This place is my personal favorite.  Better than Cafe Marco (Marco polo).  It’s always good to be away from the city from time to time.

Buffet rate at Tides, Shangri-la as of December 30, 2012 is Php1288++ per person (that should be around Php1900 per person excluding drinks).  I highly recommend making reservations in advance since they tend to get full.