Please excuse my lousy photos.  Butitoy has been acting up lately plus I can’t bear its weight with my current back problem plus it’s rainy season.  All of these were taken using my iphone.

As I may have mentioned on my previous post,  I’m not really a fan of Indian food.  But offtentimes, when I get to dine in one Indian restaurant, it always turns out to be surprising.

Take the case of my dining experience in Firozian Indian Tea House.  I am not familiar with their Indian menu (or any Indian food for that matter) but I asked the waitress for her suggestions.  She didn’t let my expectations down.  Indeed, I found their food really tasty.

My partner in crime, Jepuni, got Chinni Chicken and Lassi with rose extract for himself.  It was really tasty but I only took one bite because it was spicy.

Chinni Chicken

I had Chicken Masala with Rotti and Crème brûlée iced tea.  I asked them to go mild on the spices.  Trust me, the chicken meat was so tender and the taste was really rich in curry flavor.   They suggested that it’s best with beer but I don’t really drink beer.  I thought that my Crème brûlée went perfect with my dish.

Their rotti is the best I’ve had by far.  It wasn’t oily like the ones I’ve tried before.  Too bad, they ran out of curry dip that time.

Chicken Masala with Rotti

We also ordered Durum and Kebab wrap but we didn’t get to eat them.  We were too full.

By the look of this picture, I think Jepuni enjoyed the Indian setting.  Although small, it was still pretty cozy.

Jepuni enjoying the “Indian” feel of the restaurant

Firozian Indian Tea House is located along Don Avila St, fronting the famous Tagala and Angel’s Burger.  If the location isn’t familiar to you, you can drop off the corner of Cebu Doctor’s Hospital and Uno, then walk straight till you see Angel’s Burger.

I believe that they are true to their claim of serving authentic Indian Food.  Afterall, the owner is Indian and he and his staff were very nice.

You may read a very detailed article about Firozian Indian Tea House here.

(I’ll try my best to update this entry with their price list.)