After reading some glowing reviews, we decided to give Ole a try.  Ole has three rooms: O, L and E on the second floor of their restaurant.   This is, by the way, just right at the heart of D’Mall Plaza.

The location is perfect, but…

Everything else is just extremely horrible.

We arrived at around 7pm and it was raining really hard.   We asked one of the waitresses for assistance but she never came back.   After painfully waiting for a couple of minutes, we asked another waitress again who obviously got annoyed by our persistent inquiry.

In case you’re wondering, that’s the door leading upstairs.  And yes, they blatantly put a table less than a foot away from the door.  I’m very petite but I could hardly pass through the door!  We had to ask a couple of diners to move their table for a while for us to pass through.

And this is their hallway.   I could never fathom the very existence of these trash along / in the hallway.  And what happened to the lights?

Imagine our despair when we got into our room and was told that they had not fixed our room!  Isn’t that the very reason hotels impose check-out time?  

The girl in skimpy outfit (their uniform) wasn’t so amazed at the fact that she HAD to fix the room.  And yes, I have here a picture to prove that she’s even texting.

I’m not sure if it’s clear in this picture but there was constant dripping through the roof from the rain.  There’s most definitely a leak somewhere and made the bathroom floor wet the entire time.

After closer inspection, we found cigarette ashes and, believe it or not, skid marks on the bowl (purposely left out in this pic).  Disgusting!

We asked them to clean the bathroom again but we weren’t satisfied.  That was the end of it.  We moved to a different hotel the next day.




“Photogenic”.  Heavily advertised.  I do not understand the raves and high ratings.  I would not recommend this because of extremely poor and blatantly rude service.  I don’t ever want to stay here again.

My recommended places to stay in Boracay:  Gemtalk Suites and Green Toucan.

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