I’ve said here before that I struggle with portrait photography. It’s probably that I have loved landscape photography since time immemorial.  But then I am always thankful for opportunities that come my way.  And I say “yes!” every time I’m asked.  Not that I’m expecting anything in return but it’s one thing I’ve always wanted to learn. (How can I say “no” to new things anyway?).

I’ve started “testing the water” with portrait shots just very recently.

With portrait photography, I am most challenged with playing with my camera settings.  Unlike landscape photography,  I like my colors crisp, vivid and sharp.  I can’t have those in portraits (or I don’t like them that way.  I love them soft).  In portrait photography, the settings change for just about every angle you’re shooting and that would probably mean changing your settings every second of the day (I’m new to this).  Most of all, I am very conscious of how my subjects feel: are they okay?  are they comfortable?  do they need a break? etc…

One thing in taking portrait shots though: I love them candid!  haha

Here are a couple of shots I took during Charlie and Honey’s prenup.

I’ve known Charlie for quite sometime now.   He’s the one who introduced me to this!  It’s Charlie who invited me to Kim’s debut photoshoot, my first portrait session.

Trivia: Charlie and Honey are getting married for the second time! 😀

And they’re making a coffee table book!  Ain’t that sweet? 😀

One minute it was cloudy.

And then the sun came back.

They were both very natural, candid and charming.  Charlie has done a lot of prenup shoots before and he’s already (probably) used to this.  This time, he’s smiling for the camera.

It was a very fun shoot with laughter behind the scene.  Just between us who have known each other for some time now.  No awkwardness.  Nothing stiff.

To Charlie and Honey, I wish you both a happy ever after. 😀

As for me, I’m left with a lot of things to learn.  First, with my camera settings.  Next, post processing. *sighs*.  Baby steps.