Read Chicago, Illinois Part I entry here.


I’m not an NBA fan (or used to) but who doesn’t know Michael Jordan?  If you’re already in Chicago, why not give United Center a visit?  It’s probably like going to Hollywood and not giving the Walk of Fame a visit.

Note:  It could have been waaay better if there had been a game that day.  There’s nothing I wouldn’t give just so I could watch NBA game live.


A little bit crowded here.  One time we were there, there was an ongoing graduation program.  Imagine our struggle finding a parking area.  But I’m pretty sure that the kids will enjoy this place.

The place is full of colors.  Mostly reds and yellows.

You can also opt to take the boat rides/cruises if you wish to have a scenic view along Lake Michigan.  Best during nighttime.

There was even a time when we walked (the entire day) from Navy Pier to the city and back to Navy Pier.  Good thing I wore my most comfortable sneakers and my feet never hurt a little.  I was ecstatic!

Sadly, my friends aren’t used to walking so , uhmmm, they started complaining within an hour from the time we started walking.


I can’t even believe that I’m putting it up here.  But what the heck, right? LOL

I am a self-confessed Josh Hartnett super fan.  I love him a loooottt that I even wish to end up with someone doe-eyed. LOL.  Ahhh, those eyes! to-die-for!  If you haven’t seen the movie, Wicker Park, you should check it out.

And just to give it the benefit of the doubt, we gave it a visit.

SPOILER ALERT!!! There’s nothing to see there! LOL  Except probably for the fact that I got pictures to show of me with “Wicker Park” on the background.  Ok, ok.  I hope you still accept me for my shallowness.


Oprah’s home.  Oprah’s network.  Oprah’s everything.

Pretty much self-explanatory.  (or mostly from friends’ requests). LOL

Brrr, I almost froze to death during this visit!

• Lake Michigan / Columbia Yacht Club

This is by far my favorite place in Chicago.  You see, I’m such a water baby and would always choose the waters over night clubs.

I could sit here all day and just watch the passers-by.  Or I could jog here.  Or I could just sit here with a good book to read the entire day.

This should be near the Millenium Park which I mentioned in my previous entry.


Walk around the city and you’ll enjoy it a lot.  It won’t hurt if you get lost for a while.  You’ll always find your way back.  Just ask around.  Generally, people are friendly.

Parking could be a bit painful if you’re not familiar with the place (like us).  In any case, there are a lot of parking areas available.  Make sure you do your research before coming to Chicago and take note of the parking place (strategically) nearest your destination.

Food:  There are a lot of options here.  Try out their deep-dish pizza.  Chicago is famous for it.

Tax: around 7-10%.  I can’t be sure.  I’m sorry.

I hope to be back there someday.  I’ll most probably do the same thing over and over again.