Have you noticed that you won’t find pictures of Citigym online (or probably just a few)?  I’m not sure if pictures are not allowed but here are a couple of locker pictures  I took (sorry, I don’t have pictures of their gym) just in case you might be interested.

I have transferred from Marriott to Citigym for a couple of reasons.  One of those is that I hate running before my shift.  I am used to running at dawn (2am-4am).  Citigym is probably the only one that’s open 24 hours and it’s just about perfect for my shift.  There are very few people (usually 5 max) who work out at this hour (I have the sauna, steam room, shower room, treadmill, etc all to myself! LOL).

Although my vote goes to Fitness First for the equipment, Citigym’s locker room won me over along with the friendliness of its staff.  It probably has the cleanest locker room I’ve ever seen!

Here we go!

I believe they have ~45 electronic lockers.  And I love the fact that they have a floor-length mirror inside.


Steam room on the right side


Shower cubicle (3)

Toilet (2)

Locker (with 2 fresh towels)

Electronic key to (my) locker


Sauna: 24hrs
Steam room: 24hrs
Treadmill: 6?
Cross trainers: 6?
Weights: a lot
Exercise Balls: a lot
Other equipment: I dont know what they are but there are a lot
Boxing Ring: available during the day
Movement classes: available during the day
Pool: Yes, but not sure of availability
Freezing of account: yes

Hmmm, what else do you want to know.


For more information, you may contact them through:

L/G Floor Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino
Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City 6000 Philippines
Tel. No.: 032 2326888 local 8941
Fax: 032 2326888 local 8939