Chicago is probably one of the most interesting cities I’ve been to.  I’ve been there three times already but I don’t think I’ll ever get used to its cold weather (although I have not been there during summer).  But I love it anyway.  I walk a lot and I always prefer walking in the cold than in the summer heat.

CAUTION: Do not EVER let the sun fool you most especially during winter!  I live in a tropical country and visiting Chicago on a winter and say that it’s “effing freakin’ cold” there is a complete understatement!

This is the Millenuem Park/SBC Plaza and this is where you’ll find what I call, “The Bean”.  I wonder what it’s made of.  Although it looks metal-ly.  LOL.  I know, I know.

Its surface reflects the sky and its surroundings.  Here’s one pic I took on a sunny day.  Can you spot where I am in this pic?  Oh yes, that’s me with the pink bag.

Here’s one on a cloudy day.  That day was St. Patrick’s day.  I don’t know if they do it often but they cleared the plaza that day.  See the reflection?  No one got near “The Bean”.  Well, hmmm, I pretended that I didn’t speak English so I got near and managed to take a photo.

“Smile even when the world is freezing”.  That’s my motto in Chicago.

They turn this area into an ice skating rink during winter.

Snow Blindness

I don’t know what you call this but it looks like a dome.  Aren’t they fond of metals?

And here’s one.  I honestly don’t know what Milleneum Plaza’s theme is.  This one is a little bit Roman.

There should be sprinklers all over this area.  (sorry, I can’t find my other photos).  The display changes every, say, 10 seconds?   And there’s one display where a woman opens her mouth and water flows out like a fountain.

I still remember this instance like it was just yesterday.  Not my most flattering photo but I love it anyway.  This was during my first visit when I jumped in the sight of this cute dog!  (or would have jumped to any dog for that matter. :D)  Of course, I asked the owner nicely If I could play with her for a little bit.  He said, “Yes! She’s very friendly!”.  I took off my gloves and for a moment, I thought I was going to freeze to death.

And oh, if you’re looking for a parking space in Chicago, there’s one right below “The Bean”.  That’s where we parked.  We’re tourists in this area without GPS.  It’s a little pricier than the other parking areas but Millenium Park is the easiest to locate.  Yup, just right across Michigan Avenue.

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