And the fun continued that night.  The most awaited part of SMO’s Summer Outing: The Rampahan.

(Click here to read what went on earlier that day).

WARNING: Picture-heavy entry.

Our teammate, Jesse, who effortlessly won the surprise award that night: Best in Costume.

The ever beautiful AuMae, one our team’s representative

Our team representatives: AuMae and Nei.

Question and answer portion with Ate Kiddie.  She’s witty and funny!

 Aumae and Nei coming up with witty answers

Ate Kiddie with one of the judges, Virginia.

The Managers (some are missing in this pic)

The spectators

Ate Kiddie, Christophe, and Pie.  I wonder what they saw to have this reaction.

The awarding

2nd runner up

1st runner up

Aumae and Nei as winners with the team 😀

Our team stayed a little longer for the videoke session.

I had a lot of fun!!!

How did yours go? 😀