I know, I know.  This post is soooo late.

Summer has long gone.  But heck,  we live in a tropical country so I believe I have every right to call it summer everyday. 😀

I won’t bother you with blah blah blahs so I’ll just go through the pictures as fast as I can.

Theme: Pirates en Rio (yes, like the movie)
When: June 2, 2012
Where: Bluewater Private Island, Bluewater Maribago
Hosts: Marcom team

We had to take the raft to get to the Private Island.  It’s really not that far, say, less than 1km perhaps?  The water was shallow but we didn’t bother getting wet.

Photo Credit: Hyacinth

On board the little raft with my teammates.

Photo Credit: Peejay via Lyris’s cam

After 15 minutes or so, we finally arrived.  SMO means Sales and Marketing Organization.

MarCom team having fun before the rest of the people arrived.   Barbar (left) pretending to be a dj.

Since we were the first ones on the island (Early Bird Awardees), here’s what happened: pictorials. pictorials. pictorials.

Left to Right: Iris, Miss Cheir, Glaiza, Dan, Moi, Hya, Lalay (middle)

Baby Maya was there, too! 😀

And then the games began.

Flexibility.  Strategy.  Strength. Stamina.

Dave stretching for the Limborak.  Our team won this game. Thank to @maealturas 😀

I forgot the name of this game.  2 representatives for each team.  separate game for girls and boys.  Yes, we won again in the girls category. 😀

Longest Line game.  We won! Our bandanas were there to the rescue.

The top two teams vying for the number 1 spot: Ours and Karen’s.  Kikay team vs Athletic team. :p Karen’s team won even if our general manager, Christophe, joined us in the tug-of-war game.

The people then settled down for dinner and got ready for the main event, Rampahan.

To be continued…