Yes!!! My Lemon fragrance mists finally arrived yesterday!  After months of looking,  I finally found someone on who sells these.  I got a discount, too, for buying 3. 😀

I’m a hoarder of scents.  And I admit, I have not fully transitioned to the “more mature” scents.  I love anything that smells fresh, fruity and sweet.

Trivia:  For every scent I have, there’s a lotion version of it (except for Lemon and Pool Party Lemonita).

Here are some of the scents I have.

Bath and Body Signature Vanillas: Lemon

Almost empty.

From left to right:  Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Pool Party Lemonita Body Chiller Mist, Lacoste Touch of Pick, Bath and Body Bali Mango Fragrance Mist, and Bath and Body County Apple Body Lotion.

From left to right: Bath and Body Pink Grapefruit Body Splash, Victoria’s Secret Coconut Passion, Bath and Body Pink Grapefruit  Body Lotion and Lacoste Touch of Pink Lotion.

There are scents that really smell great on someone else but never on me.  To name two as examples, I have tried Clinique Happy and Daviddoff Cool Water.  I don’t know why.  They just make me dizzy when I smell them on me.

My favorites of all time:

• Victoria’s Secret’s Beauty Rush Pool Party Lemonita.  Sadly, they don’t sell this anymore.
• Bath and Body Pink Grapefruit (from their Pleasures line)
• Banana Smoothie (not in picture. no longer sold. from their Temptations line).
• Bath and Body Lemon (from their Signature Vanillas line)
• Frozen Daiquiri (not in picture. no longer sold. from their Temptations line).

Favorite “More Mature” Scents

• Givenchy Paris (not in picture. forgot the specific scent)
• Jessica Parker (not in picture. for the specific scent)
• Escada Signature scent

What are your favorites?