I am boring.  I don’t know how to party.  I don’t smoke.  I’m not a drinker.  I don’t dress up.  But…

Can I just say that the teasers are killing me?!   Less than 24hours away and it’s gonna be THE party of a lifetime!!!

And I quote Cebu,

“The wait is over. The stage is set. The backdrop is the Mactan Channel. The headliners are CHICANE and BJORNBERG. The target is sunrise.

The audience is YOU.”



Now, a lot of people are actually interested to come just because of the word, “party”.  If you go there for the people, or for the booze, or for the party, then you’re going for the wrong reasons.

Here are a few items as a checklist (in my opinion):

• If you don’t know or haven’t heard of the people who will be playing, then don’t go.
• If you do know them and have heard of them BUT have not heard of any of their works, then don’t go.
• If you simply don’t enjoy (or at least like) their genre, then don’t go.

Fair enough?

Now, the question is:  Will I ever survive this?  Right after today’s work, I’ll go straight to the other side of the island for my good friend’s pre-nup shoot.  Right after that, I’ll run off back to the city. I hope to be here by 7PM to get a shower. I know people are going to dress up for the party.   Like I said, I don’t have time and I don’t dress up.

I guess, I’ll just see you there.  You don’t know how excited I am even if that means being awake for 48hours!  I WILL finally see CHICANE after yearsssss of listening to his work!

 Let the evolution begin.

*For more details, check out Life Dance Cebu’s website here.


The Party

So,  I went to the party after being awake for 48hours.  And boy, I got instantly energized after hearing the music!

The local djs played first; some mixes I liked, some I didn’t.  And I’m sorry, I have to be blunt here.  The fire dancers were mediocre and their best.  Seemed like they didn’t know what they were doing.  (I’ve seen fire dancers in Boracay and they are great!)

But check out the stage! ahhh!

My ticket came with 2 complimentary San Miguel Light drinks.  I could barely finish one glass of it, I gave my other coupon to Daphney and Francis who were there as well.

Moi and Daphney

Chicane hit the stage at 12MN.  I was ecstatic!!! whooahaahhh!!!!

The Legend played 2 sets of mixes.  It was also great to hear his classic, Saltwater, closing his 2nd set.

(Pixelated pix.  I was using my 35mm prime lens the entire night.  I think for this one, a telephoto would have been best.)

I was at the front the entire time Chicane played. 😀  Yes, that’s how much I love him. teehee.  Spot me in this picture.

Photo Credit: Kit Bajar

And look who were there, too!  Barbar and his friends 😀  (Again, thank you to barbar for the ticket. :D)

BarBar, Allan, Kino

I have heard of Bjornberg’s name before but I have not really listened to his works.  But, oh my, the guy is GREEATTT!

Here’s a video clip from the Lifedance party.

The Aftermath

I was barefoot from 12MN onwards.  And I walked home barefoot, too.  My ought-to-be-reliable Skechers slippers  of 3 years finally retired.  That’s okay.  Not my best pair, anyway.

Skechers Cali Women’s Quest

My apologies again for the vanity.  But I just had to show this.  I went to the party with pinkish nude lips but apparently I went all the way for red. :p

Well, what can I say.   I had so much fun and I’ve read somewhere that Bjornberg had fun, too!

I’m so looking forward to the next one.  The evolution has begun.