I have a high degree of affinity to the moon and the stars.  Those added with city lights?  My admiration becomes exponentially intensified.   Exaggeration?  Definitely not.

Supermoon is the term they use when the moon is at its largest and closest to the Earth.  Last year’s Supermoon is one thing that I couldn’t forget in a lifetime.  It was my first time in New York as well.  Imagine my astonishment with the experience itself.

 I tried my hardest to take a photo of New York’s skyline with the Supermoon.  However,  traffic was (and is always) terrible in New York/New Jersey that your car stops every second with a car always blocking your view.

My shot not even mediocre at its best

Hands down to Google.  I found this beautiful shot (below) and 9 others during last year’s Supermoon.  Click here.

Photo: Reuters/Gary Hershorn

And that’s me with the Empire State Building behind.  And the moon, of course.


Here’s a table for your reference.

Tomorrow,  May 5, we’ll have the supermoon for this year.  Unfortunately,  I will be in the city with all these wires and buildings blocking my view.  I wish I could be in Boracay this weekend.  It would be super awesome.  Wishful thinking.