The title is in itself an understatement of the fun and mishaps I experienced during my stay in Boracay.  I don’t mean to bore you with all the words that I’ll put here but I’ll let the pictures tell you my story.

My flight to Kalibo from Cebu via Airphil Express, my now favorite budget airline, was a relatively short one (around 30mins max).  It’s my first time to take an A320 plane with this route.  The previous ones were either Q400 or Q300 (I couldn’t really tell the difference between the two).  My preference are the smaller planes because their windows are lower; I don’t have to make a conscious effort to peek through the window to take photos of my little islands below.

I stayed in Kalibo overnight, roadtrip from Kalibo to Caticlan the next morning with a stopover in Nabas for brunch.   I couldn’t tell you anything more about it.  I didn’t take note of the places we went to and the restaurants we dined in.  Thus, my title.  Nevertheless, Raymund and Kyle were beyond hospitable.


So I got the tickets for the three of us once we got into Caticlan.  Little did I know that all Aklanons are actually exempted from paying the terminal and environmental fees.  I decided to keep these as souvenirs for the mishap.

I posted a separate entry for our accommodation here


One great thing I love about Boracay is that you never run out of anything to do.  Or to eat.  I love the feel of  the sand between my toes and I’m already happy just with that.  I’m definitely not the type of person who’s difficult to please just as long as I have my Butitoy with me and an ample supply of water.

Another thing is that you always come across somebody popular.  In this case, I met Derek Ramsey who was there for the Nestea Beach Volley and  played Frisbee along with his trainees.

My friends are dying of envy

People flock along Stations 1 to 3.  If you wish to get away from the crowd, go beyond Friday’s Boracay and you’ll find a spot there all to yourself.

Perfect for pictorials.  Never intimidating.

Unless you wish to be like this woman below who, for a very long time (for more than an hour), really tried her hardest  taking photos of herself.   I mean, it’s okay to take a couple of shots of yourself but if that’s the only thing you do for a very long time along the beach AND with hundreds of people (potentially) staring at you, it’s kind of awkward.

And Kyle managed to take a photo of me doing my thing on the beach.  Fat me. (But I’ll work on it.   I’ll get back to my February shape 😀 You’ll see. 😀 )

A few hundred meters further and you’ll get to Manny Pacquiao’s West Cove resort.  It’s very private there.  But the place is rocky.  You need to equip yourself with Vibram or beach shoes/sandals.  I like walking barefoot and this place isn’t exactly for that.

West Cove

As early as 3pm, you’ll find a lot of boys and girls on their skimboards.  I know a couple of people who are great at it.  One is  Ron Supetran who is just amazing!  I love watching them play.  Perfect during sunset.

Parokya ni Edgar was there that night to perform for the Nestea Beach Volley event.  Too bad, I got really tired and immediately fell asleep after watching Game of Thrones on HBO.  And I thought it was supposed to be a nap.  We didn’t catch them. 😦

We met up with Ron (who was with Jorney) that night and stayed in Club Paraw the entire night because it rained really hard!

And oh, my gay radar was kicking endlessly!  Sisters, at some point, you’ve got to share the boys with me.

The one thing that I craved the most for months…

Mango Cheesecake of Cafe del Sol

One word: Yuuuummmmm!

We left Boracay right after we ate in Cafe del Sol.

My flight was supposed to leave Kalibo at 12:50PM but I arrived at 1:20PM.  😦  I couldn’t afford to stay any longer (the fares for the following day were unreasonably expensive!) so I made calls to my friends and asked for options.  My ticket got forfeited.  Eventually, I booked another ticket from Iloilo to Cebu for that night.  Hyacinth was very helpful.  I wouldn’t have made it home if not for her.

My ride from Kalibo to Iloilo was excruciatingly painful and beyond imaginable!!!  I couldn’t believe how I survived and made it to Iloilo.  The bus ride was loonng (left Kalibo 2PM. arrived Iloilo 7PM) and hot and crowded.  I got my left sheen sprained.  Had there been an aircon bus or van, my experience would have been completely different.

It was dark and the lights stung my eyes.  I couldn’t tell which jeepneys were going to SM Iloilo.  I was lost for an hour in Iloilo.  Their language is completely different.  And haven’t eaten a meal the entire day (except for the cheesecake and skyflakes).  I was disoriented.  I couldn’t think well.

But then I made it!  Just a couple of minutes before they closed their counters.  It was a close call.  I didn’t have dinner because I had to make it to my flight (remember my sprained sheen?).  And didn’t get to buy biscocho for my friends.

And this experience deserves a spot on this blog.  For me to remember.

Nevertheless, I had a great time!  And I am conveying my heartfelt gratitude to the 3 people who made these all possible: Raymund, Kyle and Hyacinth. 😀