Rayban Wayfarer

3 years of companionship and my pair of Jessica Simpson sunnies is already screaming, “Let me rest in peace”.  Poor, I’ve probably resuscitated her for just about a thousand times already.  It’s my favorite sunnies by far.

Having said that, I have to revive my February 2012 wishlist.  (my wishlist doesn’t really have to be realized. I just love looking at them and eventually succumb to such desires when the urges could be suppressed no more. )

Nicer Hair :p  (for lack of better adjective)

 I am totally in love with Jessa’s hair (left).  Who doesn’t?  But with the type of hair I have, I don’t think digital perming is even an option at this point.  It’s a disaster waiting to happen.  I’m thinking of hair rebond but it’s too straight and fake.

What do you think of brazilian blowout?

For years, I swore off hair colors.  But these lovely girls would surely change one’s mind.  I used to love mine when it was fairly new.  Eventually, it made my hair dry and brittle.  It took my almost 3 years to completely wash off the color.

Decisions. Decisions.