Comfort.  Relaxation.  Serenity.  Green Toucan has all these to offer.  Green strikes the eye in such a way that it relaxes our muscles and helps us breathe deeper and slower. 

But before anything else, please excuse the mess. 😀

Anyway, I’m a sucker for anything brown: shining, shimmering, striking brown.  Oh yes, that lovely, rustic, orgasmic wood color.  I fell in love with the floor, the closet and the “divider” the minute I laid my eyes on them.  I’d have my room painted white with brown as accents.  But let’s not get into that.

Here’s how you’d get there:

Ask the tricycle driver to drop you off “LBC Station 3“.   Should you get lost, the building is right across the “Original Talipapa“.  Once you get there,  get inside the white gate (yes, right beside the LBC Station 3 office), and turn right.  Their reception area is right at the bottom of the building’s fire exit ladder.  It’s quiet odd for a reception area to be in an inconspicuous area.  I believe that they have other rooms further back, that’s why.  But anyhows, we stayed on the 3rd floor of the front building.


That’s the sight that will greet you once you get inside (minus the clutter):  Bathroom on your left, then the kitchen, then the couch, then the bed behind the divider, and the veranda.  Pretty homey, don’t you think?

On the couch is an extra pillow and blanket.  I believe they would also provide an extra bed if you need one. (Can someone verify this one for me, please?).

The Kitchen

If I get to stay here in the future to come, here’s where I’ll cook my perfect egg in the morning.  And my perfect Tender Juicy hotdog. 😀

• Exhaust
• Stove
• Personal Refrigerator
• Sink
• Cabinets
• Countertop

The Bedroom

Here’s where I slept like a baby all night.  (I told you green induces calmness).  I find it clever how they separate the bedroom from the kitchen like that.  You’ll have a perfect view of the (LCD) TV from here.  Cable, yes.  They also provide a DVD player (with an HDMI port if it’s any way helpful to you at all).  I could actually stay here all afternoon watching my favorite TV shows.

Sliding door towards the veranda (or porch. or terrace).   And full length mirror on the closet.

Here’s the veranda (or porch. or terrace).  I didn’t spend my time here but hey, you could use this area to dry your clothes and towel. LOL.

Spacious Comfort/Bath room

• Hot and Cold Shower
• Sink
• Mirror

I would definitely stay here when I go back.  For P1800 (high season), they have all the amenities I need.  If location is your main concern,  I’m sorry but this is pretty far from D’Mall and far from the beach.  Unless, you have lots of time to spare and you don’t mind walking that far.  In my case, I really don’t mind spending P10 for a tricycle ride to wherever I want to go.

If there’s one thing I could add, I’d say that we went back and forth looking for their reception area (as mentioned above).  I hope they could work on that, too.  But overall,  I loved my stay here.

Please do check their facebook page here for their contact information.


I would like to convey my gratitude and appreciation to Raymund Libuton and Kyle Keil Kael for their hospitality. hehehehe.