I admit, we really had a hard time looking for the road to Bohol Bee Farm.  It took us forever to find it.  They have such a very small signage and it’s brown, so it’s almost like a camouflage.  Next time, I will look for the “French Kiss” sign.  The Bohol Bee Farm road is just within 50 meters from that sign.  But if you have arranged for transportation beforehand (or with a travel agency), don’t worry about this part.

The first thing that really got my attention is that they claim to be all organic.  100% natural.  No preservatives. I can’t truly vouch for that but it seems like they truly are.

They have four (4) different restaurants: Lantaw, Cave, Bamboo, and Honeycomb.   The waitress said that all 4 restaurants have the same menu.  The only difference between the four is the location.  We had our dinner at the Bamboo Restaurant.  (It’s overlooking the sea so I felt it was nice for dinner).

We were served some bread with Pesto Spread and Honey Spread (complimentary).  They said that they use cassava flour and other organic ingredients for their bread.  I loved their spreads so much that I bought one bottle each after we had dinner 😀

First thing we tried?  Vegetable salad.  And to our surprise, they had several flowers in it.  Just look closely.  What an experience!

This is their Vegetarian Pasta.

And here’s what I had for dinner.   Seafood Pasta.  OMG, it was soooo good!

We also ordered their tomato soup and Lemon grass drink.  They were soooo good as well!  Take note that they use okra on their tomato soup instead of the commercial starch (or that’s what I thought).

 Price range: P150 – P250 per menu item.


What better thing to do after dinner than to do a little shopping at the Buzz Cafe.  They have their organic products on display.

They have different types of spreads.  I think the best I’ve tried so far is their Pesto Spread (as mentioned above).  I’m not a fan of pesto, pasta or anything, even the ones sold in Pan de Manila.  But their Pesto Spread… I’ve got to say, it’s the best!

One of the Spreads for Sale. I could only wonder how this tastes.

I didn’t know there were these many types of honey.

You should never miss their homemade ice cream.  They have a variety of “weird” flavors.  I’m not a fan of malunggay but oh my, it’s my favorite flavor!  And yes, their cone is made of cassava.

The other 2 Buzz Cafes are in Island City Mall (ICM) and Loboc Tourism Complex.


They have rooms named after the other municipalities in Bohol and they also have rooms called “colonies”.  I don’t have pictures of what their rooms look inside but at least here’s how they look like outside.

And another one.

They have a kidney-shaped swimming pool in the middle of The Cave restaurant.  If I’m not mistaken they also have 3 Jacuzzi near Lantaw restaurant.

If you can make it in the morning, I think they also have tours available for you.  I would suggest you try them all if you could spare some time.

For more information, please visit their website, http://www.boholbeefarm.com.