Here’s how my Holy Thursday 2012 went.

 From the Tagbilaran City Port, we went straight here.  I am a local so there’s really no need for us to stay overnight.  

We paid Php 500 for the Day Tour Pass; Php350 of which was consumable.  On regular days, I believe their Day Tour pass is only Php350 with Php250 as consumable.  We had grilled fish, soup, kebab and pork barbecue for lunch.  Although food was great, the selection was fairly limited.  I think those die-hard meat lovers will surely complain.  

The resort proper is far from the highway and the road towards the reception area is in very poor condition.  Some improvements are being made, however, much work is definitely required.  I can’t imagine guests who don’t have their car with  them.  It would be difficult for them to get around Panglao or nearby areas unless they take the resort’s transportation service which, for me, is kind of pricey.

Road Towards the Parking Area


Bohol Beach Club has a really huge area with lots of surrounding trees.  This automatically reminds me of Bilar Man-Made Forest, except that, it’s mini.



I love it here because I think, personally, they have the best beach shoreline all over Panglao (and the longest shoreline, too).  And I hate crowds in general.  I find this place peaceful.  There’s not a lot of people.  It’s very private and personal.  I have the beach to myself.

The only disturbing thing though is that I sometimes see foreigners with, uhmmm, minors (obviously) with them.   It’s pretty common these days.  Sorry, I just had to say it.

One of their 3 swimming pools

For some reasons,  I can’t be out in the sun for so long without anything that covers my eyes.  I guess I’m just not used to being out in the sun anymore.  So: goggles when I swim, shades when I don’t.  I get paranoid with the thought of losing my contact lenses.

Volleyball Court

Kidney-Shaped Pool


CAUTION: sand blindness (if such term exists). This is Bohol Beach Club’s shoreline.  This extends all the way to Dumaluan Beach.  Definitely not a far cry from Boracay’s white beach.



This certainly reminds me of home (I grew up by the beach and slept under the trees in the afternoons) and definitely the best part of the vacation.  There’s nothing I wouldn’t give to get a taste of true relaxation.  Hammock, trees, book, beach, sea breeze, sleep.