I love Bohol.  And I’d promote its beauty every way I can.

So I’ll start with our port, Tagbilaran City Port, that is.  It’s one of the gateways to Bohol.  I take pride that our port doesn’t smell bad in any way.  It’s clean as it should be.  Well-maintained.  Efficient in its own little way.

Tagbilaran City Port @ Daylight

I took this picture a few years back.  There used to be beggars here.  But never more than 10 of them.  I don’t see them anymore.

Tagbilaran City Port @ Midnight

Although the terminal isn’t as great as Supercat’s Terminal in Pier 4, Cebu, it still serves its purpose.  I can’t blame the government for having just a really small terminal.  It started small. At this point, I’m not sure if the terminal is capable of accommodating the growing number of tourists.  And I can’t imagine if the operation gets paralyzed should they renovate the terminal either.

If ever you get the chance to visit Bohol, I’d say with joy,  “Welcome to Bohol”. 😀