It’s my second time in Ngong Ping. If you’ve been reading my blog, you must know by now how much I hate  loooonnnnggg queues.  But going to Ngong Ping and waiting for the cable ride,  my previous complaints all become understatements.

Lo and behold, it took us more than 2 hours to finally get into the cable car.  We didn’t get tickets in advance because we didn’t know if we’d arrive on time for our cable ride.  I’ll say it again: MORE THAN 2 HOURS OF WAITING.

Took pictures of the buildings around to help me pass the time.

I’ve taken several cable cars in the past but this one is my favorite: long and relaxing.  I love the scenic view of Hong Kong.  You can also see the Hong Kong International Airport along the way. 

Foggy Hong Kong. That's just part of the Hong Kong International Airport on the left.

One way trip was around 20-30minutes.  It was magical.  You will notice as well that there are people who trek these mountains.  I’d like to try it if given the chance in the future.

It’s very difficult to get nice shots when you’re inside the cable car.  Your spot is limited that it’s hard to get around and take pictures from different angles (you will share the cable car with other tourists).  Since Lantau Island is of a relatively high altitude (about 460m above sea level), it gets foggy on your way up and you’ll feel a little discomfort on your ears.

Welcome to Ngong Ping 360! 😀

Most of the shops you’ll find here are gift shops; perfect to get some souvenir items.  You’ll also find different restaurants.  There’s Starbucks here for the coffee addicts.  But there are also food carts that sell those food you see in Hong Kong streets.  I loved the lobster  balls!

Here’s one store that sells nothing but chopsticks.  I was overwhelmed with the selection.   Taking pictures inside the store was not allowed but I managed to take one shot before the sales lady informed us of their restrictions.  The store owner might kill me for posting this but hey, I can’t help it.  I’d like to show you chopsticks heaven (or haven. whichever you prefer).


I wanted to go to the Giant Buddha but gosh, we ran out of time!  We had other places to go that day.  We had to shorten our time in Ngong Ping.  We only managed to take this picture.  READ: Another 1hour + queue for the cable car back to Hong Kong. 

We only got this far.

BOTTOM LINE:  If only for a short queue and swift cable ride, I’d go here every time I visit Hong Kong.  But if it’s going to be this way each time, I’d say “no thanks”.  Unless, of course, you have all the time in the world and gifted with ample patience for the cable ride.

Visit Ngong Ping 360’s website here for more information.