Every trip is different.  It’s my second time in Macau.  I’m blogging about it this time.

Macau Ferry Terminal
Expect loooonnngg queue at the immigration upon arrival at the Macau Ferry Terminal.  I guess there will never be a time when this place becomes a ghost town.  Macau is a former Portuguese colony so expect signs in Portuguese.  Not a problem at all.  Some of our Filipino words are derived from the Portuguese language so it’s quite easy to understand (being under the Spanish regime for over 3 centuries).

There are buses waiting outside for each hotel/destination.  Take the bus towards your destination or nearest your destination.  Our first stop was The City of Dreams, Macau.  Read my entry about it here.

The Hard Rock Hotel, Macau
After watching The Dragon’s Treasure, we headed straight to The Hard Rock Hotel.  Hyacinth did some shopping there.  She collects Hard Rock Hotel shirts.

Moi. Sue. Hya.

We grabbed lunch at The Hard Rock Hotel foodcourt.  Notice the pretty ceiling.

The Hard Rock Hotel Foodcourt


The Venetian, Macau
Foggy November afternoon.  Taken at the foodcourt of Hard Rock Hotel, Macau.

Taken through a glass wall from across The Venetian, Macau

A warm ambiance will greet you at the entrance of The Venetian, Macau.

For those shopaholics out there, you’ll enjoy it here.  You’ll find high end shops here as well.  You can try their gondola ride here but I prefer the gondola ride outside.

Faux Pas Sky inside the Venetian Hotel

The Ruins of St. Paul
Our next stop was The Ruins of St. Paul.  Since we found it difficult to get a cab or a bus heading straight to The Ruins of St. Paul,  we opted to take the bus going to Grand Lisboa, Macau.  We then walked out way to The Ruins of St Paul.  It’s a (roughly) 2km-walk from Grand Lisboa.  Trust me, you won’t get lost.

There are several shops here as well. I love this beautiful pathway.

We walked our way back heading to The Wynn, Macau this time.  You’ll enjoy the walk.  I love the sparkling city lights there.  I didn’t know that The Wynn had a dancing lights show that night.  I’m not sure if it’s a regular thing.  It was spectacular.

Macau Skyline. View from outside The Wynn.

I’ll end this blog with some tips.

• If you’re coming from Hong Kong, it’s best if you buy a roundtrip ticket and look for a return ticket that is open (meaning,   the return schedule isn’t fixed).  It’s some sort of a voucher that you exchange for a ticket in a small counter at the corner.  Your return ticket will depend on the next available trip back to Hong Kong.
• Don’t forget to get free maps at the entrance of the Macau Ferry Terminal.
• Plan your trip ahead carefully.  Familiarize the buses and pick the one towards your destination or nearest your destination.
• There are two ferry terminals in Macau the same way that there are two ferry terminals in Hong Kong.  As my previous bullet, make sure that you plan your trip ahead and make sure you go to the right terminal to avoid wasting your time.  The first time we went there, we wasted 4hours because we went to the wrong terminal (Central, Hong Kong instead of that one in Canton Road, TST).