Nikon D40

I have developed my love for photography since I was a kid.  I remember we still had an Olympus film camera back then.  Then I owned a couple of digital cameras growing up, retiring them as they turn 2.

The Christmas gift I bought for myself from the first Christmas bonus (my current job), a Nikon D40.  I named this babe, Butitoy. 😀  Thus, my twitter name Butitoy.  He’ll turn 4 this year.  At that time, this was rarely seen elsewhere.

Everywhere I go, he’s with me.  You see, we’re inseparable.  I have received a lot of remarks about my Nikon D40 on how old he is, or outdated, or out of trend, or just about anything they can think of.  At first, they made me inferior of them.  I just don’t have the bucks to spend it all on more expensive ones just to stay with the trend.  I learned that it’s not all about the equipment you have, but it’s about your passion.

These days, I couldn’t tell who shoots the nicest photos.  Thank to Adobe.  They can be deceiving.  I envy them.  I don’t have Photoshop skills.

Nissin Speedlite di622
I have this Nissin di622, a hand-me-down from ch4dwick, that is always attached to my butitoy.  My butitoy feels naked without Nissin di622.  They’re like twins.  I use it even on landscape photography because somehow, it helps produce that “yellowish” touch to my pictures.  I have also recently puchased a diffuser dome for this babe here.

Nikkor 35mm f1.8G
I’ve used a couple of lenses out there, but this is the greatest I’ve tried so far.  I’ve fallen deeply in love with it.  I use it for just about anything and everything.

Landscape Photography

I don’t know but I just love shooting landscapes – night photography, specifically.  There’s something about the night sky, or the city lights, or the stars that simply draw me take photos of them.  I love Daniel Cheong.  His photos are just magical!  You should check him out.

Victoria Peak, Hong Kong. Nikon d40. 18-55mm. Shot handheld. Nissin di622.

Esplanade, Singapore. 18-55mm. no flash.

Kapoor Sculpture at SBC Plaza-Cloud Gate, Chicago. Nikon d40. 18-55mm. No flash.

Portrait Photography

Here’s one that I struggle with – portrait photography.   I just find it difficult to capture someone’s emotion.  Most of the time, I like mine soft – not harsh.  I forgot the name of that guy, a Cebu photographer, who takes amazing portraits.  (I’ll update this entry when I remember him).

Kim on her 18th birthday. 35mm. Nissin di622. See that yellowish effect?

Jessa Marie Jabonero. 35mm. No flash.

Little Ava. Iphone4 + Instagram


1. Make use of anything you have – digital cameras, phones, film cameras.
2.  Experiment. Explore.  A lot of books about photography but it’s the experience that teaches you most and best.
3. Never buy anything out of envy.  Just because everyone has it doesn’t mean you have to get one, too.
4. Never underestimate the power of kitlens.
5. Capture every moment.  You only live once. Treasure them as memories.