After several times going back and forth, this will be my first blog about Boracay accommodation (unfortunately).  The previous times, I just didn’t find them necessary or I was in the middle of nowhere that I couldn’t even remember the name of where we stayed.  teehee!  Having said that, it also means that this is definitely the favorite place I’ve stayed so far.

Interesting, Gemtalk Suites’s website does not have any published photos of their  rooms.  However,  I found a couple of cached pictures on  The last time we asked, MyBoracayGuide is no longer affiliated with Gemtalk Suites so you have to make your reservations directly from Gemtalk Suites.

They are not heavily advertised so this might be as well the first time you’ve heard about it.  I found out about this hotel when I passed by their area when this was still under construction last year.  Since then, I have always had the curiosity of trying this place.  (Hey, I’m always intrigued with anything that claims to be a boutique hotel).

Located at the heart of D’mall station 2, EVERYTHING is NEARBY.  Look for Lonely Planet and Epic at the beachfront and you’ll instantly find it.  Their suites occupy the attic levels of both Gemtalk and Fashiontalk (ours was above Fashiontalk).

(This is their cheapest room accommodation.  Excuse the quality of the photos.  Everything was taken in a snap and we didn’t even realize the quality of these photos).

Opposite the red chair is an open space where you store your luggage.  A wider photo can be found here for a better view.  Many may wonder if there’s a tendency to bump your head against the ceiling because of the room’s design.  Well, here’s a picture of me at the edge of the bed.  See?  It’s not even close.  At the opposite side of this bed (“headboard”), there are 2 plugs and there’s also a place where you can store your things (i.e. cellphone, laptop…)

Right below the microwave is the refrigerator enclosed in a cabinet.  There’s also an LCD cable TV.  The signal is NOT bad as captured in this picture.  I just happened to take this photo when an unknown foreign channel was in tune while scanning for more channels (korean channel? indian channel? I can’t tell).

Right below the air conditioning system is the safety deposit box.  Directly in front of it is the bathroom.

Check out their bathroom door.

Here’s the bathroom.  Take a special look at the shower itself.  Fronting the toilet bowl are the sink and mirror.

Here’s my summary in bullets:


  • Mirror is really small (like 1ft x 1.2ft).  I wish they had a bigger one.  Would it hurt to ask for a floor-length mirror? :p
  • The back of the TV and underneath the bed are dusty.  Don’t miss to clean them while you do the housekeeping.
  • The toilet is too small I could hardly move around.
  • The bathroom gets too cold because of the design of the bathroom door and that it is directly in front of the air conditioning system.
  • The fact that it is right in front of Epic and near various restaurants and bars, this place could get loud and noisy at night.  We went there on February, the bars close at 3AM the latest.  I could only imagine how worse it could get during peak season like Holy Week.  But who am I to complain?  After a few shots of booze at night, one will definitely fall asleep in a matter of, hmm, 10minutes max.  The noise becomes irrelevant.  That means that I could eliminate this bullet.
  • No breakfast.  This may be a major consideration for some tourists out there.  But if you consider the preceding bullet, do you think you can actually wake up before 11AM for breakfast?  This bullet can be erased, too.


  • Prime location.  Heart of D’Mall – center of “downtown” Boracay.  EVERYTHING is NEARBY: food, shopping, stores, etx.  The beach is just about 10meters away.
  • Fire extinguisher.  Admit it, it’s a very rare amenity.
  • Friendly, hospitable staff
  • Free wifi,
  • LCD Cable TV
  • Refrigerator and microwave
  • Awesome hot and cold shower
  • Above all else – and I mean everything I mentioned under “CONS” – automatically become irrelevant and forgotten because of their bed.   Their mattress, pillows – they’re like first class hotel quality.  Hear me out, first class hotel quality.  That means that you have to be careful.  If you ruin them in any way, you’ll have to pay Php10,000 the least. :p Yup, it’s their policy. :p

Maybe we have different criteria in choosing accommodation.  Mine, location is primary while the bed is secondary.   Considering the items I mentioned above, our Php 2,200/night is a great deal.   I’ll definitely choose to stay here again.

Photos from my second visit last July 2012