Here’s one restaurant that’s among my favorite go-to restaurants on weekends.

I have professed my love for Sumosam Ayala before but hey, you can get an equally delicious meal at Chowabungga for 1/3 of Sumosam’s price. Imagine my eyes twinkle when I passed by Mango Avenue and saw Chowabungga there! 😀 I no longer have to take the long ride to IT park; Chowabungga Mango is just a kilometer walk from where I live.

Solo dining here is never intimidating. Their staff’s service is great! I usually see the owner (I suppose) on Saturday evenings.

If you’re too hungry and can’t wait for another minute, I”m sorry to say that this place isn’t for you. It usually takes 10-20 minutes for your food to be prepared. BUT — you may want to buy a candy or cranker at “Everything To Go” next door while waiting; their food is worth every minute of your time.

I can’t be sure of Chowabungga IT Park’s store hours. I think they don’t open on Sundays and I believe that they’re only open at night. For Chowabungga Mango Avenue, their store opens from 5:00PM to 2:00PM, Mondays-Sundays.

I managed to take a picture of their menu to share with you so you’ll have an idea how much their meal costs. Must try: Katsudon 😀 Their Sizzling Sisig is great, too! And oh, did I forget to mention their pamachows?! I believe it would cost you P10 more should you wish to add egg to your order (cooked according to your preference).

Contact Details:
Chowabungga IT Park Lahug (032) 416-9837
Chowabungga Mango Avenue (032) 266-4639

My Favorite: Katsudon