D’Talipapa is a public market where you can buy souvenirs, fruits, meat, vegetables at a low price (lower than those you find in D’Mall). I consider this as a MUST dining stop in Boracay because everything is guaranteed fresh. Here, you’ll marvel (marvel in my case) at the sight of live lobsters, crawling crabs, prawns, clams, and all the seafood you could ever imagine. You handpick the seafood and have them cooked (for a fee) the way you like them for your lunch or dinner.

There are several stalls nearby that can do the cooking for you. We had “Sabibi Boracay” cook our prawns and fish for us: butter garlic for our prawns and sweet and sour for our fish (my fish shot is too blurry. blah). Bottom line, i was very happy with our meal.

I managed to take a photo of their pricelist.

Butter Garlic Prawns

How to Get There:

Walk along the beach towards the end of station 2 (if you’re coming from station 1), you’ll see a signage going to D’Talipapa. It’s particularly near Boracay Courtyard and Sunset Beach Resort. If you’ve reached La Carmela de Boracay, you’ve gone too far.  D’Talipapa should not be farther than 500m from the beach.


(Chances are) Vendors will usually cost you more if you’re a tourist. Linger around the wet market and wait till a local asks for the price of the seafood you’re interested to buy.

While waiting for your food to be ready, you can stroll around the nearby stores for some souvenirs and other items. Haggling is also practiced around D’Talipapa market.


D’Talipapa closes at around 8pm. Should you decide to have your dinner there, I suggest you go there before 7pm to give time for cooking.

There are also branches of Andok’s and Mang Inasal in D’Talipapa. I just mentioned this here just in case, well, you wish to have Andok’s and Mang Inasal for your lunch / dinner.