We had a road trip last weekend. Our stops were Asturias for lunch and Balamban for fishing and horse back riding.

Asturias is a two-hour ride from Cebu City via Naga-Toledo road (private car). You can opt to take the V-hire at theAyala Center Cebu Terminal for P120.00. The vhire takes the Transcentral road and you’ll reach Asturias in an hour. Balamban is just a 10-minute drive from Asturias so it’s not really that far.

We had to pass by Balamban before getting to Asturias just so we could finally taste the ever famous original balamban liempo. Indeed, it tastes way better than what you get around the city. Take a closer look at the original Balamban liempo.

And another one…

For those who are interested, the original Balamban Liempo can be bought from Johnna’s Liempo Haus (formerly known as Kristian Liempo) in front of the Balamban Church. It shouldn’t be hard to spot.


Lo and behold, the “fiesta” feel greeted us the moment we reached Lalay’s place. There were just looootttsss of food for us and karaoke, too!

Photo by Alacrity. Check out her blog here.

Let me tell you something: I only ate a pinch of the Balamban Liempo and the rest is shown below.  Awesome!!!  I think I consumed around 3kilos of these heavenly prawns!  I simply cannot get enough of these!

Look at us – all smiles at the sight of our yummy lunch!

Photo again by Alacrity. 😀

After lunch, we headed to IPI – Balamban.  Some of the activities you can do there are:

  • Fishing: (varies. shrimps are also available for sale)
  • Horse Backriding:  (10mins – P50; 15mins – P75; 20mins – P100; 30mins – P150; 1hr – P300)
  • Donkey Cart Riding:  (10mins – P50; 15mins – P75; 20mins – P100; 30mins – P150; 1hr – P300)
  • Car/Motorcycle Racing:
    (Car rentals: 1lap – P300; 3laps – P750; 5laps – P1,000; 10laps – P1,500)
    (With own car: half day – P500; whole day – P1,000)
    (With own motorcycle: 1hr – P100; half day – P300; whole day – P500)

Photo by Alacrity

We were all happy of our catch that day.  5kilos of Lapu-lapu is a lot already. 😀

Mommy Nean and Baby Maya enjoying their donkey ride.

One last round before we head back to the city. 😀
Overall, it was really fun and one tummy-filling adventure!  We’d like to thank Lalay and her family for the hospitality.  😀