It was past 10PM when we went out to look for food. I was so tired from swimming that I eventually fell asleep and yes, hunger woke me up.

(Most of) Boracay is alive 24/7 but their restaurants close as early as 10PM. I wanted to try out Zuzuni but heck, how was I supposed to eat in one hour? Good thing Ole is open 24/7. Otherwise, I would have slept again with an empty stomach.

Ole is right in the middle of D’Mall, the main shopping center in Boracay. It is mostly packed during daylight so the best time to go there is beyond 8PM if you want to give it a try. Ole offers a variety of food to choose from: Mexican, Spanish and Cuban.

We ordered Seafood pasta and pan-fried Calamares which also came with garlic bread. Please note though that their servings are humongous! Although I can eat one serving of this pan-fried calamares, I don’t know how I could EVER consume this pasta bigger than my face!

I’d say that the food was excellent!  I couldn’t get enough of the pan-fried calamares.  I guess it’s also important to note here that their price isn’t at all intimidating considering the quality of food and the amount of serving.

If you happen to read the reviews about Ole, you will not be surprised about their comments about their waitresses. The waitresses should really at least try to be discreet and not make “chika” in front of their customers.