I am no Indian food fan as I can’t take anything spicy.  BUT – when you are in Boracay, nothing could go wrong so I took a shot and eventually agreed to try indian food.

The Indian restaurant is just right along the beach but you might not notice it at first glance because they have very little signage (unlike other restaurants with really bright signs and loud music).

You’ll notice first hand that they provide a shoe rack for everyone; you have to take take off your slippers or shoes before getting in.

I don’t know, I just have this relaxed feeling while dining in restaurants with “yellowish” ambiance.  It feels right on the spot.  Sitting down on the floor with all those huge scattered pillows are definitely ++.

We got 2 rottis/chapatis (about 10″ in diameter each) baked in a tandoori oven, fish curry, strawberry yogurt and yogurt with Grenadine.  Their meals are authentic and are cooked and prepared by Indian chefs.

Overall, True Food is a really good restaurant: authentic Indian food food on the beach, with very relaxing and comfortable cushion.  If I may suggest one thing, it would be best if they also play Indian instrumental music (and stay away from pop music :p) to complete the Indian ambiance.

Price range: medium (?)