Yes, that’s what’s currently on my mind.  I couldn’t think of any better way to start this entry.  The least of my intentions is to downplay Valentines.  I hope you understand that I am no “chic flick”.  But hey, don’t get me wrong.  I find the sight of people in love too lovely to  be ignored.

 Valentine’s day isn’t only exclusive to lovers or partners.  It is a celebration of friendship, too. 😀

My officemates happen to know exactly how to make all of us happy.  Apparently, “somebody” sent red balloons for each of us.  Until now, no one really has come forward to reveal who gave these to us.  I guess it will remain a mystery to us until the next Valentine’s day. 😀

Dan, (alacrity), also gave each of us a red rose with a tiny bear inside. 😀  It’s really cute.  Leah brought heart-shaped dried fish (my ever favorite sinful food),   Hyacinth brought kimbap, Sue brought liempo, and Jessie brought bread with a heart-shaped carve in the middle filled with sunny side up egg (whew, that was long!).

Delivered to my workplace was an elegantly wrapped bouquet all the way from Makati.  The pink and yellow combination signify “cheerful, joyful and light”.  The sender intended to send pastel yellow and pastel pink but I’m not complaining – at all.  I still find them lovely (and bongga, too)!

Here’s a closer look. 

Inside the package were a cute personal note and handmade Belgian Chocolate bars in three varieties: Dark Chocolate with Grand Marnier, White Chocolate with Cafe Rhum, and Milk Chocolate with Extra Praline.

 I’d say that this is probably (by far) my most memorable Valentine’s experience: full of surprises and mystery.  Thank you all. 😀  I hope you make every day a Valentine’s day.

Happy Valentine’s! 😀