As you may have known, my Globe tattoo finally retired last November 2011. I have been disconnected from the cyber world for the longest time. Three months is a looooong time, my friends.

So today, I woke up panting. I just really had this unexceptionable urge to buy a modem! I just knew at that hour that IF I don’t buy a modem within today, I’d be restless. Consider this an investment during this time’s unfavorable economic situation. With my P1,245, I get 10days of unlimited internet connection. Just think of how many items I could list on Ebay and the potential income :D.

I’ve had my Globe Tattoo as a freebie when I bought my Acer ferrari laptop, Mohan, last December 2009. Since then, I have been vocal about my huge disappointed with Globe’s internet service. It didn’t take me long to have it unlocked so I could use a smartbro sim with it. It’s illegal, I know. But I just had to do it!

I’ve been pretty happy with Smartbro ever since. I’m using it mainly for torrents (woooopss): average of 10 episodes or 3 movies overnight :D. But don’t take me on that, it’s a different case during peak hours (but of course!)

Now, there’s just one thing that makes Smartbro inferior of Globe Tattoo. Can you guess what that is from the picture above? Okay, okay. I just really wish Smartbro thought of a string just like that of Globe Tattoo’s just so the usb cover wouldn’t fall off (and get lost/displaced) from the main dongle.

Calling @smartcares! And oh, let me know if I need to register a copyright on that idea. :p