As you may have known already, I starting blogging using the wordpress platform and I’ve had it for quite a long time. It has been less than a week since I decided to move to blogspot because it’s easier with adsense. Yes, I want to try my luck here. With the free wordpress, it’s just not possible.

Moving from wordpress to blogspot is just awfully tedious. It’s never easy moving all your 4 years worth of posts. The blogspot import tool just doesn’t work and I’ve tried at least 10 keywords to look for some answers, including some converters. So here I am, moving one post at a time. Too bad, I can’t move my comments here, too.

One thing that I like about wordpress is the way they “design” their dashboard. It’s neat and intuitive. The feature I like best about wordpress is their “stats” page. You’ll see almost everything in one click: top posts, referrers, followers, shares and even the links the viewers clicked on your site.

The more detailed information of your stats can be viewed by clicking either “views today” or the “bar” of your views for the day. Here, you’ll find the search terms people used to find your site.

Okay, let’s move over to blogspot. The fact that I’m hardly getting used to the new gmail interface, blogspot is no exception. The new interface is just harder than the first one. I’m very sensitive about the “stats” page. I think google has a different vision for blogpost unlike what I have in mind. Not to mention the troubles I had trying to figure out/find a way to get to this dashboard. I just hate doing a lot of clicks.

Despite the “cons” of blogspot, I will still give it a try. I guess I need to learn how to get used to their new interface. Or MAYBE, I just don’t know what I’m talking about. :p

And by the way, I have more clicks with wordpress than with blogspot. And I have always wondered.