MV Logos Hope is the world’s largest floating bookstore and today happens to be their last day in Cebu. For only P20.00, you get to enjoy heaven full of books!

They have a variety of books to choose from for unbelievably low prices. My eyes happened to get stuck on the “cooking books” section. I tell you, they have plenty: Mediterranean, Indian, Vegetarian, and everything else you can possibly think of!

So here are what I bought: Pasta & Italian and 30-Minute Thai.

I won’t tell you how much I paid for this Pasta & Italian book.  But, I got this for 10 folds the regular price in mall bookstores.  I’m giving this as a gift to somebody whose specialty cooking is pasta. 😀  You know who you are.
Sneak peek from this Pasta & Italian book:  smoked fish lasagne and Stuffed squid. 😀
Here’s what I got for me: 30-Minute Thai for P300.00.  I currently don’t have a kitchen but I would love to master (or at least learn :D) Thai cooking (everybody knows I can’t cook 😀).  It’s my favorite food (and Japanese food, too).  There’s no way I prefer any dish over Thai and Japanese cuisines.

Sneak peek from this 30-Minute Thai book.  They look absolutely yummy as they sound. 😀

So what did you get for yourselves?

*Both books are hardbound and the pages are glossy.