I really appreciate you all for expressing your concern about my well-being.  Thank you for the messages/texts/emails.  I cannot forget the sympathy you expressed.  I do not want to reiterate what happened here in Cebu as everything is already on the internet since Monday.

 However, people annoy me when they keep telling the same story again and again, pointing out that their situation is far worse than the others.  Come one, we all experienced the same thing here in Cebu.  You do not need to exaggerate your feelings/experiences to gain instant celebrity status blah-blah (if you know what I mean).

People in Negros need our prayers and help at this point.

And really? Ahcee Flores?  Do you really think he/she/it exists?  I’ve probably read the same post over a hundred times already on twitter and on facebook.  You’re just plain spamming and it’s completely annoying! You’re just feeding the troll. You never know she/he/it is dancing with joy for every pay-per-click you do on the internet and the fame that comes with his/her/its name.

So please…