Yes, you read it right!  Cherrie was kind enough to organize and lead this challenge within our team!  I must say that I’m pretty excited about this now that summer is just around the corner.  Let’s get this on!

OBJECTIVE:  To promote a healthy lifestyle and to have a Bora body by Holy Week 😀

1.) Individual Entry only
2.) Initial and Final Weigh-in
– Initial Weigh-in will be done in the clinic on February 1 at 6pm
– Challenge will run for 2 mos
– Final Weigh-in will be on April 2 at 6pm
– To compute for weight loss (initial weight – current weight)
3.) Each participating contestant will contribute 10 pesos daily (pot money).
4.) Weekly winner will receive half of the pot money.
5.) The other half of the pot money will be saved for the Grand Winner.
6.) There are no rules in losing weight. You can do whatever you want in losing weight.