It’s January 2012 and I can already smell “elections”!

For those who have been asking me why Urgello is temporarily closed, below are the pictures.

This drainage project started late last year from that street in front of Elizabeth Mall to Urgello.  As you can see from the pictures below, the sewerage pipes (which are actually taller than me) and the backhoe occupy most of the street.

Since this project started, I have been walking at least 350m before I could get my transportation to and from work/mall/etc.  That’s 700m of exercise daily!

If you have been to my area, you can tell how congested the place is.  These days, you can see children play on the streets after school.

With the ongoing construction, the place gets muddy when it rains but I’m willing to go through if it means better drainage system in my area.

I don’t know when this project gets done but I’m hoping (hopeful) of getting positive results.