Last Cebu Marathon marked my 5k graduation.  I started running last May 2011 and I have been running since then that my calves don’t hurt anymore from running 5km.

I must admit, I don’t have a hold on my discipline but this time, I am determined to push through with my resolutions.

So twilight of  January 22, I was ready with my shoes, singlet and fuel belt.  I ate at 2am with the food I bought the night before.  My heart beat faster than usual – it must have been excitement mixed with fear.

I was there before 4:30am but I realized that I left my race bib at home.  And there I was – running even before the race began, using the energy saved for the run.

This was a simultaneous run, it started 10minutes late.  We started first.  Halfway through, I was gasping for air.  I haven’t run any farther than 7km.  Nevertheless, this was make or break for me.

It was good that I had an acquaintance ran with me.  We didn’t stop running – except for occasional stops for water and when I felt like I was coming with cramps.  But we never walked beyond 50meters and ran again.

It was daybreak when I crossed the finish line.  I finished the run in 1hr, 24minutes.

I must say that I was a little bit disappointed because there wasn’t a refreshment at the finish line.  There were vendors on the sides, however.

It doesn’t matter.  I shall run farther.