I consider my iphone to be one of the most amazing gadgets  I have up to this day.  That’s until I read stories about fried/exploding iphones.   (You can read the articles here and here.)

This is my story.

I did nothing out of the ordinary when I charged my phone that night.  I was browsing the internet when I got a call from a friend of mine.  Just seconds (~5 seconds) after I unplugged the USB cable from my phone (but still left the socket plugged into the wall),  I heard a POP.

The pop did not bother me as I was still on the phone. I thought it was just something that fell on the floor. And then it started to smell like melted rubber.  Alarmed, I rushed immediately to my table because I was concerned of my laptop.   But then I got this instead.

You can only imagine what could have happened to my head had I not unplugged the USB cable from my phone.  That 5 seconds saved my head and my iphone unit.

I still have my warranty until December of this year but Istore does not honor it because I bought my phone in the US.  According to the representative, Istore carries international warranty except for iphones.  Worse, they don’t sell adaptors here.

I am currently using a fake USB adaptor I bought somewhere for my iphone.  Steve Jobs died in vain.