So our team decided to have fun on a Friday night.  Since we all claim to be SONGers, (=p),  the decision-making was unnecessary and we were all screaming KTV.

This was in an effort to meet the 3pm calltime set by my teammates:  I looked dizzy and sleepy with the harsh sun hitting my eyes.  I must say that I’m not used to the glaring sun these days. hihi

The clock was ticking 12mn and my throat was already screaming T-ice! And so there we went looking for a KTV place that can accommodate us at that hour.  MO2 was our first option but it was they do not accept reservations over the phone.  We went to a not-so-familiar place instead.

All smiles!

And did I mention “pictorials”? Here’s AuMae with her fierce look.  I wanted it to look more dramatic.  I’m imagining, hmm, more cigarette butts, more beer bottles, with more smoke from the cigarettes.  I have to admit that the shooting was very challenging: my d40 could hardly focus even with the AF-assist.

I wanted everyone’s mugshots but they were too busy having fun so I was only able to get AuMae’s mugshot.  Obviously overexposed but I like how this turned out to be. Like an avatar. =P

Ladies and gents, let’s all do this again! 😀