I miss the person I’ve been talking to day in and day out for the last couple of months.

I miss not waking up to his good mornings;

The person who tirelessly rides his boards all day and still has a lot of energy to fulfill his responsibilities;

The person who says sorry for not replying back at once because he fell asleep just by staring at the moon;

The person who convinces me to try beef stew with chocolates and passionately talks about food and his dream of becoming a chef and successful bar owner one day.

I miss that carefree person who continuously rides his bike to roads beyond imaginable.  I had dreamt of   joining the ride with him on one fine, sunny day;

Or even the candid talks about how much he likes spongebob or how boring the movies are on tv.

I miss the person who enjoys the endless laughtrips with Tom and  Daryll, among others.

I smile every time he tells me he’s walking his dog or he has to get up in the middle of the night to check on him because of somes weird noises his dog is making.

I miss him. But I’m afraid he’s not the person I thought I knew.

Lately, it has been about juggling chicks, booze, weed and endless parties.  I just lost him.

I cried when I lost a friend to her newly found friends the same way I cried my I lost a friend over a childish argument.  Broken relationships are painful –  friendship, romance, or otherwise.  Letting go is just as bad.  It’s like getting through a sickness of a loved one, or death of one’s pet.  Acceptance is the hardest.  Forgetting is the most challenging.

At the end of it all, I choose to believe and live by the memories of good stories,  laughter and smiles.  Afterall, the good memories are all I have left to treasure.

I miss you.  And this  is my last goodnight to you.