July was just full of birthday celebrations.  In our team alone, we had five celebrants:  Jesse (5th), Nean (24th), Dan (24th), Lyris (28th) and Hyacinth (29th).  I couldn’t really tell you much about the separate celebrations for I didn’t take any part on the preparations :p.  I could only treasure the picture below: a surprise by the island-island! 😀

My confidant and stylist, Jeph also celebrated his birthday last July 26.  He’s the only person I know who celebrates his birthday a number of times and I am mostly present in those celebrations.

This was of course, my most awaited part: dinner at STK ta Bai!  This is indeed one of my favorite restaurants here in Cebu.  Their baked scallops are 2die4! yum yum!

Aside from the baked scallops, we had tinolang manok, binagoongang rice, crispy pata, gambas, pancit bihon and panga.  Oh, did I mention that we had to much panama orange?

The dinner was only the prelude to a fun fun fun night!  We had videoke somewhere in One Mango Avenue.  We started at around 10pm but was cut off at 4am because songhitz had to close for the day.  We still had 119 songs on queue.  😦 I think we had too much to drink that night that we ended up sober and looked for food right after.
And there was McDonald’s to the rescue!  I was curious so I had to order their Iced Mocha: P100 for regular, P110 for large.  Boy, was it sooooo bitter!  It tasted like I was eating raw coffee powder!  I’m never going to drink that again, unless I’m required to be awake for 48 hours.  Again, we were too sober we stayed there for another 4hours.

Jas Marcos with the birthday boy, Jep

In this picture: Jep, Rey and Baba
Not in this picture: April, Army and Kathy.

To all the July birthday celebrants out there, more birthdays to come! Cheers!