There are several ways to get to the Victoria’s Peak. You can either walk or take the bus going to the Lower Terminus.

If you’re coming from the MTR Central Station, make your way to the J2 exit and walk towards where the Bank of China Tower is located.  Cross Queen’s Road Central and Garden Road heading to Cheung Kong Centre.  Walk towards the Garden Road until you reach Lower Albert Road. (Note: You will pass by St. John’s  Cathedral).  Walk along the pathway surounding the fountain and you will reach the Peak Tram Lower Terminus.

Another option is to take the bus to Garden Road Peak Tram Lower Terminus (this is what we took).  Go to the Central Bus Terminus (near Star Ferry Pier 8) and board the Peak Tram shuttle bus No. 15C.  The fare is around HKD $4.20.

We got lost along the way but it’s helpful to ask around.  You’ll see a lot of Filipinos along the streets as you go there.

@ The Lower Peak Terminus (shot handheld)

Please be advised that the queue is L-O-N-G!  You will have to wait for more or less one hour before you get your turn to board the peak tram.  However, it’s well worth it.  You’ll experience the tram tilting 45 degrees in angle.  (Note: Be seated on the right side of the tram going up.  The view is better on that side).

The Sky Terrace is located at the top floor of the mall.  If I remember it correctly, you need to take around 6 escalators before you reach there.  It gets really cold and windy at night so be sure to bring a thick jacket with you.  The view is magnificent! However, it was difficult to take pictures because of the wind.  Please remember that the colder it is, the faster your battery drains.  Make sure to bring extra batteries with you.  With my one-hour stay there, my battery went from full to one bar.

@ The Sky Terrace (shot handheld)

You will experience the same tormenting wait for the peak tram going back downtown.  It’s better to take the bus (Bus No.15) back instead.  The bus operates from 9AM to 1AM the following day and leaves every 7 to 15 minutes.  The fare is around HKD $9.80 and it’s a 30-minute ride back.  Look for the Burger King and take the exit from there going to the bus terminal.  There weren’t too many people and you’ll see more views this way.  (Hint: Get off at the corner where you see Louis Vitton and Giorgio Armani outlets).  The MTR station is just around the corner.