If you’re coming from either Mirador Mansion or Chungking mansions, head south towards Middle Rd and make a left turn at Salisbury Road where Sheraton Hotel is located. About 3-5 meters away from the corner, you’ll see the entrance to the subway. This is the shortest way to get to the other side of the street. Getting there is easy as you’ll see signs pointing you to the right direction. Go there early in the morning as there will only be a few people.


Coffee addicts need not worry. Starbucks is right at the end of the Avenue of stars. I’m not a coffee drinker but I was disappointed that they don’t have Frappuccino available (same thing in Ngong Ping). I had iced toffee nut instead.

The Symphony of Lights starts at 8pm and lasts for about 15mins. Go there early so you can get a nice spot. I couldn’t take decent enough pictures because of the number of people who were there. My tripod was useless. I can say that I was rather disappointed, I expected too much from it. It was just ok. But still, it should be a “must” on your itenerary.