It has always been a struggle for me to lose weight knowing that the “big” genes run in the family.  I also have troubles staying away from sweets — I just can’t get enough of them.  Somehow, I have slowly managed to cut the sweets a bit, from large servings to medium servings and I am on my way to small servings to seldom.

A month ago, my friends and I went for a week-trip to the beautiful Boracay.  The three of them considered themselves “fat”, nevertheless they have been on strict diet and regular exercise for two months.    There I was, the big one from the group.

It doomed me all of the sudden when a guy told me I’m fat.  So here I am, challenged.  I am honestly working hard to trim down.  Thanks to for the inspiration.

I don’t really go for the “PRO” challenges where people really aim X miles a week or X miles/hr.  I’m just starting and I like joining challenges where I can just fit into the crowd.

I do have goals set for myself (not the goals that would strain my muscles.) I’ll keep you posted! 😀