So I gave myself a little thinking. The past few days had been a mess.  Seriously, who wants to be in my shoes?  Of course, there’s no easy way to get past this.

I remember the night I walked away.  That was on the 7th of June.  I was wearing pink and had a walk along the dark roads of IT park alone.  He picked me up and drove me home.  I didn’t talk – I simply answered yes or no.  I gave myself a few minutes to settle down and waited for him to utter some more words.  Minutes passed and that didn’t happen.  I walked my way out and never looked back.

I do not want him back.  I never wanted him back.  I just wanted a talk – the very thing I needed. Cliche, it is.

Months passed, his promise still unfulfilled — to finally come to me upfront and tell me exactly how, what  and why it all happened.

I do not regret what I did.  The severity of my actions depended on his. I gave him more than enough time to explain himself to me.

Fast track to the present time, I have been humiliated in public twice already but am not affected at all.

Just so you know:

I am a woman of words. I do as I say and so should you.

Never threaten me with actions.  I can do worse.

I do not talk often as I prefer to think.  I give warnings, too. In this case, never provoke me.

Lastly, you can call me anything that pleases you and I’ll do exactly I am called to prove you right.