I kept my calm the last couple of months, leaving it to fate what comes the day after.  For the last couple of months, I slept with anger in my heart.

I did not come to you because I respect the fact that you were my friend’s superior and we have several friends in common and that I had nothing against you. I did not want you to be part of the argument.  I reached out to ****** for an explanation: why all of us at the same time.

He came to me around november of last year, giving me hints of interest and was persistent about it.  I paid no attention to him because I wasn’t into office romance.  Until, he finally got me.  He never made mention of you.

I lost my trust on the man I had learned to care about.  He walked away without a word. A friend of mine was kind enough to tell me what he had been telling everybody (including you, I suppose).  He had told everyone the exact opposite of what happened.  I still have all his texts, emails and chat transcripts that would prove otherwise.

You see, I let it all boil down until I was too bothered last night (unholy hours) that his phone kept on beeping for a couple of hours – straight.

I read the texts all — all of those which seemed very familiar, the exact same texts he sent me months ago, a dejavu except that this time, those texts went to different women.  I am definitely certain of a woman named Juvelyn UV and a woman named A_sun, who they call each other “by”.  I’m not certain whether there are still others but I am with full certainty about those two women.

He told me those texts were from you.   One thing is for sure, you don’t go to school and you are not in a pageant.  He then changed his thoughts later on claiming those texts were just questions.  Oh well,  I don’t consider “I miss you”s as a query. I dared him to show the texts to me again, he did not.  I asked him several times about them, he did not answer.

I let it pass one time with you.  This time, I cannot.  I was hurt and I had passed through it.  A_sun is hurting, too, I can tell. And soon, you will be.

Despite protests from friends that I should not reach out to you, I am emailing you this time.  You deserve to know all these things and  I trust you with your judgment.